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How to look and sound great on social media videos and online videos

4 week course, £495 + VAT
This course is all about you looking and sounding great on social media videos and online videos, so we will do the training on online videos to maximise the effectiveness.

Every Tuesday at 5pm-6pm UK time starting Tuesday 3 December 2019. Then Tuesday 10 December and finishing for Christmas resuming on Tuesday 7th January 2020 and Tuesday 14th January 2020. If you can’t make every week then fear not as we will send you a video recording of the session for you to catch up on.

The course will cover:

  • How to set up a shot
  • How to set up good quality sound at an affordable price
  • What kind of backdrop you can have
  • How to angle the camera
  • How to move your head
  • Do’s and don’t of social media videos
  • How to do a live
  • You’ll receive an assessment at the end of your skillset and an assessment of what to focus on to enhance your skills and whether you’d benefit from more training.

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TV media training

How to come across better on TV interviews
4 week course, £795 + VAT
Every Tuesday at 5pm-6pm UK time starting on Tuesday 21 January 2020, then after that it will be 5pm-6pm on Tuesday 28 January 2020, Tuesday 4 February 2020 and Tuesday 11 February 2020. If you can’t make every week then fear not as we will send you a video recording of the session for you to catch up on.

You will do the course from the comfort of your home or office and be on your laptop, computer or phone. You’ll learn:

* How to be a credible interviewee on TV
* Watch a former TV journalist do a good interview then go through it second by second to show you how you can copy the style
* Get intonation training to give you the edge that broadcasters have
* Test drive in the comfort and safety of your home or your office in what it will feel like being an expert on TV news on a Skype call
* You’ll receive techniques to practice at home
* You’ll receive an assessment of the level you are at are
* You’ll get recommendations as to whether more coaching would benefit you and which areas you need to focus on to improve your skills

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We’re broadcast ready. Are you?

Our media training includes Confidence training, questions answered drawing on male and female psychology plus image advice.

Do you have a secret desire to go on the news as a commentator? You know it also makes commercial sense, but you’ve done nothing about it yet? Have you done a TV interview and lacked confidence, or just not as been as good as you feel you could be; so really want more practice to get your technique nailed?

Have you been on TV, but it was ages ago? Do you want to get your message across in a sure-fire confident style that could mean they’ll phone you back to get you on air again, and again?

But does facing Laura Kuenssberg fill you with fear? Baron & Hopkins’s media trainers have a wide experience of media training Chairmen, CEO’s, women, and senior directors from leading companies such as Samsung, Schroders plc, NBrown plc.

Breaking news 24 hours a day, the Internet, mobile phone videos, Skype interviews, and social media have made a demand for information more immediate than ever. Are you ready to face the press at the drop of a hat?

You’ll learn:
• How to be a credible interviewee on TV
• Experience being interviewed several times by an international journalist in a professional TV news setting
• Get the all-important intonation training to give you an advantageous edge
• The chance to get a show reel produced of your best take
• Test drive in the safety of a TV studio or your office in what it will feel like being an expert on the news
• You’ll receive tips and techniques to take home with you as homework and ongoing practice and an assessment as to whether you need more coaching or not


One day broadcast TV, radio and documentary training course for PR’s at your office

  • How to handle TV journalists and which TV journalists you should be approaching
  • Pro’s of syndicating footage across the UK and globe
  • Maximise the use of content the broadcaster created for your use digitally, and how to use on social media
  • How to respond if you get told off by the broadcaster
  • Annoying questions not to ask journalists
  • Knowing the different types of interviews as it could mean the difference between your spokesperson getting on air, or it ending up on the cutting room floor
  • How to talk the journalist’s lingo to build trust and confidence
  • Ofcom regulations
  • The commercial reasons why you should have male and female spokespeople
  • How to uncover many more stories that your corporation and spokespeople can comment on
  • How to maximise all your chances to get your client on air
  • The best type of Press Office layout
  • Questions and concerns from you that you’d like to talk about

Speaker training

Learn how to speak in public with impact, and without fear.